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Heaven on a Pyrex Plate

I finally used the tablecloth I bought about a year ago. I bought it to go with my 1950's Pyrex turquoise-banded dinnerware. I thought a brown and turquoise tablescape would be fun to do.

I don't use the vintage Hazel Atlas Capri Dot glasses very often, but I always love them when I do. They are such a beautiful color of blue.

I didn't spend much time thinking of a centerpiece. I grabbed this oversized Margarita glass which was already full of clear marbles. I wiped a little dust off the rim, tossed in a few blue marbles, then filled it with water and floated a single dahlia. The bird candle holders were used just because I think they are probably from the 1950's and I saw them first when I opened the candle drawer.

All day at work I was craving spaghetti with fresh tomatoes, onions and basil. When I got home I immediately put a big pot of water on to boil. I skinned the tomatoes, chopped the onions, sauteed them in a bit of oil and butter, tossed in a handful of chopped basil..............
Ah, who would have thought I'd find heaven on a Pyrex plate?

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Picket said...

Morning girl!!! Wow you have so many amazing place settings and I love how you display everything and the end pic of the spaghetti was fantastic!!! lol Thanks for coming by and please come back any time! Have a great day!

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