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Working on a Which Witch Halloween Dinner Table

After a couple of years, I finally finished my paper-pieced (a quilting technique) chair covers.
I think they go nicely with the witch hat I bought last year during the after Halloween sales.

I put two big hairy spiders on my chandy.

I decorated top of my curio cabinet with more items I bought during the 2013 after Halloween sales.

I love those full body skeletons!  I wish I had purchased the full size skeleton that I let go at 50% off!
I have used these skeletons heads before. They are always perfect for Halloween.

I added some green limes around the head to bring in the napkin color.
I am happy with this table.

Fall/Halloween Tablescape 2012

I will show it in black and white first, so those of you with sensitive eyes can get your sunglasses.  It looks pretty tame here. :)

Got those sunglasses on?  OK, here is the same picture in color....
Orange, chartreuse, black, purple & yellow are the main colors. The drinking glasses are actually purple, but it is difficult to tell that in these pictures.

  I went out on the deck and cut the foliage for the centerpiece.  I used a similar foliage bouquet a few years ago and really liked it. 

  Coleus does not like cold temps, so it probably would not have lasted through the week outside.  I bet it's quite happy that I brought it inside where it is considerably warmer!  That chartreuse variety is a good match to the chair backs, don't you think?

I also think the Vaseline candlesticks that my mom gave me years ago are a nice match

I made the quilted table runner  and chair backs a couple of years ago.
I really like this bright runner. The only time I can use it is near Halloween.
Actually I don't think this table is all that Halloweeny...only the skeleton straws and the spider candles suggest Halloween...unless you glance over at the curio cabinet... 
The purple glasses are stored there. Since I put them on the table, I could not leave the cabinet bare, so I  replaced them with orange pumpkins and a silver skeleton head..had I not done that, I think this table could be used for any fall dinner party.

Happy fall 'Yall!

I Had Planned to Entertain for Easter

I even started to set the table.  I put out dishes to match the chair covers and found a green tablecloth that resembled grass:

I added an Easter egg centerpiece and planned to put colored eggs down the center of the table with a number of blue/green/yellow candles.

I even brought out the cabbage salt and pepper shakers:
Then we were invited an Easter potluck, so I jumped at the chance to make one dish and not have to spend all day cooking.  I never finished the table.    I had good intentions, though.  Maybe next year.

New Contemporary Dining Room Chair Covers

Friday afternoon I finished some  new dining room chair covers.  When I purchased the fabric, they only had 3.33 yards and I knew it would not be quite enough.
 So I had to add a coordinating fabric to the two end chairs. I was thrilled to find something I already had in my fabric stash.  I had about five yards of it! I think I originally bought it to make neutral chair backs.

Here is a close up of the end chairs:

I am pretty happy with these contemporary chair covers. I think it will be such fun to set a full table with them.  They look like Easter eggs, so I think an Easter table would be perfect!

But since it's not quite time for an Easter table, I set it in a contemporary style with colored-water floating candle holders to match the colors in the chair covers.

I still need to put out the flatware and candles, but I think I like the direction it's taking.

Easter Tablescape

Easter will be here before we know it.  I was looking for inspiration from some of my previous tablescapes:

I like the bunny chair backs, so I may use them this year.

Definitely must use the bunny napkin rings!

Ditto on the "Happy Easter blocks".
Not sure if I will use the egg holders this year.

I  am tossing around the idea of hanging a tree branch from my chandelier this year and hanging my hand-decorated real eggs from it.     Right now I am considering hosting an Easter brunch instead of a dinner. 

These previous year tables give me a good idea of what I have to work with as far as the table itself.  I don't know about you, but I forget what I have from  year to year.

It is not too early to begin thinking of your Easter plans for this year!

Christmas Table 2011

Next Saturday I am hosting a dinner party for my inlaws. I wanted to do a table that coordinated with my bronze/green Christmas tree:

  Since I work full-time I had to begin preparations over the past weekend. 

 I set a fairly simple table with a very easy centerpiece of pinecones and green glass & silver mesh balls.  I nestled six votive candles among the greens.
 These amber glasses are circa 1974.
I like this table. I like the simplicity and how it blends so nicely with the bronze/green Christmas tree.

I also set a second table as I am having 11 guests and they won't all fit around one table. I don't have enough of the same dishes, etc., so I did this table differently, yet not glaringly so.  I still used pine cones in the centerpiece and green plates.

I reversed the glassware/napkins colors. The pink tablecloth goes with the pink hydrangea tree as this table sits right next to that tree.
If you don't read my main blog, you can see more of my Christmas 2011 decorating by clicking here.
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