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Fall Tablescape on the Deck

What beautiful weather we had this weekend. To enjoy the last few warm fall days, I decided to rearrange the deck and set a cozy fall dinner table.

Since there were only two of us, I used my small weathered white wooden table and two metal chairs. I put the chairs on each end, which left the center under the table open and empty. Since we did not need that space for our feet, I put one of my Tropicanna planters dead center to fill the space.

I used my Maple leaf dishes. I love these dishes and try to use them as often as I can during the autumn season. Earlier today I was at Walmart and they had these green foliage napkins marked down to $1.00 each. I spent just a few moments debating whether to buy another set of napkins. For only $6 for 6 of them, how could I resist?
It just happens that they work great with my green salad plates and my 1970's-era avocado green goblets.

My recently-completed orange/yellow/black table runner also worked nicely. I am glad I can use it for tables other than Halloween.

The centerpiece was my faux pumpkin filled with flowers from the deck, a sprig of burning bush and a couple sprigs of Maple leaves in their fall glory.

I scattered more Maple leaves around the table.

I also scattered a few autumn-colored kisses. They were for dessert.

Guess what we had for dinner?


LOL. Some people might think I did a lot of work for a taco dinner, but it didn't take that long and it was a sheer pleasure to create this table.

Pink Christmas Table

Since my dining table is currently covered by a quilt in progress, I have no settings to show this week. So I thought I'd share a few pictures of my tables from last Christmas. It's a bit unusual since it's pink. But as you can see with this daytime view, the Christmas tree in the dining room is also pink.

Here it is a night with a big Margarita glass full of pink and clear marbles as the centerpiece. The Margarita glass is flanked with crystal angel candleholders. I have scattered a few big glass ice cubes just to pick up some sparkle.

The chairs have gold stockings with elves peeking out or sitting on top.

All in all it was a fun romantic holiday table.

Halloween Table--Test Run

Since I already had this pumpkin centerpiece filled for the weekend table, I decided to test my Halloween runner to see which dishes I may use in October.

These bright green dishes I bought last year are just a tad too bright for most of my tables, but I think for Halloween, they work nicely to give a little punch to the table.

I used a golden orange marbled glass charger, black octagon dinner plate, & green salad plate. I put a clear glass plate on top of the green to tone it down a bit. I think the little ghost gives a playful touch.

I finished making the table runner just a few days ago.
I think this setting will work pretty good. I may try to find some more green accent pieces. Something like salt/pepper shakers would be nice, though I don't think I have any. I have plenty of time to think about it. Right now I will be removing everything from the table so I can use it to pin my last side of binding to my almost-finished (yippee!!) quilt.

Fall Tablescape #1

Another piece of fabric inspired a table. Because quilting is my #1 hobby, I have a LOT of fabric. I always buy 3 - 5 yards of fabric when I find it at a highly discounted price.

I was sewing a quilt block with this fabric, when I suddenly thought that it would make an interesting table cloth.

So before I cut any more of it, I took it to the dining room and tossed it across the table.
I thought I had some dinner plates that would work nicely with it. I must confess that I do not remember all the dishes I have. I would venture to guess that I have at least two dozen different patterns of dinner plates. I was thinking of something in the purplish/burgundy color.

I didn't find any dinner plates in that color pallette, but when I came across these Hull dishes, I thought they might work

quite nicely with these caramel marbled chargers. Aren't they lovely? It's a shame that most of the charger gets covered by the dinner plate.

The full place setting turned out to be this:
The napkin was almost a perfect match to this pumpkin-filled floral centerpiece. It has fresh flowers and allium seed heads that I painted black.
I used amber-colored glassware.

I first tried a live zinnia atop the napkin, but it was too small, so I used these faux sunflowers.

It's definately beginning to look like fall in my dining room!

Turquoise, Cobalt, Hot Pink and Gold Tablescape

Earlier today I brought out this fabric to test it for a table runner binding. It did not work for the binding. When I went to put it away, I admired the print and wondered if I had any dishes that would work with it.

I threw it on the table and went to my dish storage cupboards.

What a pleasant surprise to quickly find these:

Turquoise, gold and cobalt -- all the colors in the fabric. The turquoise handled bowls are very old McCoy pottery pieces which I just love. The plates are just Wally World purchases. I always check Wally's markdown aisle and often pick up a new color of plates there. Usually I will just buy the dinner plates or the salad plates and mix and match. I find an eclectic table much more interesting than a matchy matchy table, don't you?

I went out to the deck and clipped a handful of flowers. I love summertime when I have everything I need for a centerpiece right out on the deck. I just needed to find a vase. I didn't have to look far.

I decided to use some capri dot glasses that were right in my cupboard for vases. These glasses are from the 1950's. I love these, too (I guess I just love a lot about this table).

I like floating one pink star dahlia in these short glasses.
I think it turned out very summery looking. It will probably be my last summer table for the season.
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