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Halloween Table--Test Run

Since I already had this pumpkin centerpiece filled for the weekend table, I decided to test my Halloween runner to see which dishes I may use in October.

These bright green dishes I bought last year are just a tad too bright for most of my tables, but I think for Halloween, they work nicely to give a little punch to the table.

I used a golden orange marbled glass charger, black octagon dinner plate, & green salad plate. I put a clear glass plate on top of the green to tone it down a bit. I think the little ghost gives a playful touch.

I finished making the table runner just a few days ago.
I think this setting will work pretty good. I may try to find some more green accent pieces. Something like salt/pepper shakers would be nice, though I don't think I have any. I have plenty of time to think about it. Right now I will be removing everything from the table so I can use it to pin my last side of binding to my almost-finished (yippee!!) quilt.

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