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Black, White and Red Rose Table

I did not do a table this week, so I thought I would post one of my old tables that I have not used for Tablescape Thursday.

This simple table is one of my all-time favorites.

The red, black and white color combo is a classic.

It was inspired by a rose bouquet from my husband and a garage-sale box of milk glass that I brought up from the basement to redo my curio cabinet.

What really made the table pop for me was when I removed some rose petals and scattered them all over the table.

Although I didn't do this one for Valentine's Day, I do think it would make a great table for a romantic Valentine's dinner.

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Not Your Granny's Table

Last month I went to a big church sale and I bought some old dishes with a yellow rose decal. They were probably a grandmother's Sunday dishes.

Today I used them for the first time.

My inspiration was this fabric.

I was not sure which of these two chargers I would use.

After trying both with my 1950's aqua-rimmed Pyrex dishes, I chose the dark brown metal chargers. I knew my Hazel Atlas Capri Dot glasses would go nicely with the tablecloth.
I added the rose decal dishes and a covered rose decal dish with small bowls for cut up fruit. Then I went outside and picked 3 tulips (I didn't have any roses or I would have used them) to add to a potted plant for a centerpiece.

My breakfast table was complete in about 15 minutes.

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Fruit Among the Stars Tablescape (or Black, Gold & Blue Tablescape)

This is the last of the trio of table-runners I recently made.

This table had a rocky beginning. I started with a blue tablecloth and black dinner plates. I tried these fruit salad plates, which I thought would be great considering the fruit theme.


It just doesn't do it for me. I really need sunflower yellow salad plates to coordinate with that vibrant yellow in the runner. But I don't have any.

I tried a couple of other salad plates. I was getting frustrated. Then I remembered that I do have sunflower-yellow dinner plates. I could use black salad plates instead of black dinner plates.

Now that's more like my vision for this runner. Now I am not that happy with the blue glasses, which I used to bring in the blueberry color in the runner. I didn't like the previous glasses either. So I study the runner colors to see what I might have that would work better.

Red to the rescue!
These big bulbous beauties work with so many of my tables. I love when I make a purchase that turns out to be incredibly useful. I still needed more blueberry color so I inserted blue napkins.

I added a pear and some gold stars to each plate to bring in more of the fruit among the stars theme.

For the centerpiece I used a bouquet of carnations & baby's breath that DH brought home today. I inserted picks of sugared pears and grapes.

I used blue taper candles (again to bring in the blueberry color) and clustered beaded plums at the base.
Here you can see the fabric I am trying to coordinate with.

Inside the end runner stars I put one gold rose candle.

Amber salt and pepper shakers (to match the flower vase) and black-stemmed water glasses completed this table.

I bet you would never guess what was served on this colorful table.
Well, don't even try to guess. I will just tell you -- Enchilada Chili. Yes, all this for a bowl of chili! Of course, it was served in matching black octagon-shaped bowls and garnished up to make it more special.

"What is Enchilada Chili?" you ask. Well, when you taste the chili and the broth is lacking in flavor (too much water added), you toss in one package of McCormick Enchilada Sauce mix and you have turned your dull boring chli into a very flavorful enchilada chili!

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Citrus Punch sans the Citrus Tablescape

Today's table began with the same basic elements as last week's black/white/silver table. I just changed the table runner and the salad plates. Quite a difference already, don't you think?

Then I started pulling from my stemware collection to find complementary hues.
I chose these three colors of green and yellow.

Then I decided that the white tablecloth was too white and detracted from my citrus theme.
I found this peach-colored tablecloth that I liked better. It was all wrinkled so I had to iron it. Then I removed everything from the table, tossed on the new covering and reset it all (it only took a few minutes).

I used the little golden yellow liqueur glasses on top of the salad plates.

Who drinks liqueurs at dinner?

I am sure some people do, but not anyone in my world.

Still I think that these little glasses are so darn cute that I just have to buy them whenever I see a color that will go with dishes I own.

Just because they were made to hold a shot of booze, does not mean they must do so.

At least not on my dining table.

These little golden beauties became teeny tiny flower vases for daffodils from my garden. I love having a little bouquet at each place setting. They can be set to the side once dinner is ready to be served.
I used green napkins under the salad plate.

In a perfect world, I would have had dozens of oranges, limes and lemons to fill a tall glass container for the center of the table.

Unfortunately my world is not perfect and all I could find was this green candle holder that is too small. But the nice limey yellow Vaseline candle sticks worked great with lighter yellow candles. Just imagine that there is a tall glass holder full of citrus fruits and that my candle is not leaning to the side . :)

I added a couple of little lime green votives.

which completed the table.

The food brought in a bit more orange with the carrots flanking a savory crescent chicken roll. The green of my freshly-picked chives were the perfect garnish (if do say so myself).
I just love having food garnishes growing on the deck right outside my door. Next to these chives, I have some pineapple mint which should be up and ready soon.

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