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Simple Zebra Tablescape

When I saw this tapestry fabric yesterday, I immediately thought of my zebra salad plates --see the plate in the right hand corner?

After 4 hours of sewing and about 20 minutes to set the table, I ended up with a totally new look for my dining room:
 I made six chair covers to match the plates. They also go nicely with the new green color that we painted the dining room this fall.  I immediatley set a quick table so I could see how it would look.  I really like the chair covers!  I am always thrilled when I spend hours making something and I actually like the finished product.  So often, that is NOT the case.

I even got to use my blah pea-soup-green napkins--they rarely go with any table. But for this one, they were perfect!

I think it's a fun change for the new year. If you look in my header, you can see these same plates used with a 1950's aqua-rimmed dinner plate.  Who would have thought zebra plates would be so versatile?

 I also bought a neutral home-dec fabric yesterday to make another set of chair covers.  I can't tell you how much fun I have with chair covers. They are so easy to make-basically just a big pillowcase.  I already have a gray set, which I use quite often. 

Do any of you make chair covers?

Update: I removed the cedar greenery and redid the candles with bows and zebra fabric.

Christmas Table for Two 2010

Since I have a busy week of work and holiday preparations, I decided to set my Christmas table for two when I got home from work today. I set a small table for two right in front of my Christmas tree.  It's a very simple table that DH and I will use to enjoy a cozy meal later this week.

Of course, I had to use my big red wine glasses.

The tiny table had room for just one chunky candle wrapped in a piece of birch bark I found in my yard this fall. 
Here is a flash shot of the green and red plates I used.
I used sparkly gold beaded chargers. The denim stockings that I have on my tree  hold the dinner napkin.

I added a red striped candy to tie in the candy theme of the tree.

It was a very quick and easy table that will add a little bit of cheer to our holiday.

Sunflower and Blue Jean Stocking Christmas Tree

This year I decided to do a very country Christmas tree.
It is loaded with gingerbread men, sunflowers and blue jean stockings.

I also used three different textured green balls, real lollipops, and a few different candy-themed ornies.

Now I need to come up with a tablescape to coordinate with the tree.

Stay tuned to see what that will be!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

Last week I made this 'Give Thanks' banner. I decided to put it on my dining room cabinet.

I added a lot of pine cones and grapes to my fall leaf garland. I even put some on the opening knob of the cabinet.
Tonight I set my Thanksgiving table to coordinate with this cabinet.

I used my turkey soup tureen as the centerpiece.

This tall metal candle holder was also adorned with grapes and fall leaf garland.

I used my favorite vintage dishes -- 'Windsor Fruit'. These dishes just say "Thanksgiving" to me. You may have noticed that I also used them in my header, which is a Thanksgiving table from a couple of years ago.
The gold beaded chargers provide some sparkle.  I love sparkle!

These green/gold candles seemed to work with this table.
 So now my table is all set for the big feast! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Ants are Welcome at this Table

I did not think I was going to get the heavy metal ants I ordered last month. Two weeks ago I got an email that said they were out of stock for the season. Then last week I got an email that said they had shipped!

We are grilling steak tonight. I thought I'd set a quick picnic-type table. I went out to my gardens and picked some flowers

and put them inside a picnic basket. Then scattered the ants around.

Dessert was homemade chocolate chip cookies--it looks like the ants like them, too.

Here is the complete table setting for just the two of us.

I can't wait to use these ants for a summer dinner party. I think they will be quite the conversation starters!

Denim, Dasies & Daylilies Tablescape

For this quick table, I went out to my garden and cut down some daisies and daylilies. Then I took this blue jean handbag, that I made last spring

and inserted two heavy glass containers full of water.

I plopped the flowers in, did a little tweaking and ended up with this bouquet:

I used my blue onion salad plates to incorporate a little pattern and my butterscotch glass chargers because they matched the eye of that little yellow daylily in the front.

I used my white-flowered red wine glasses, blue-stemmed water glasses and chunky white candles.

For very little fuss, I had a unique summer dinner table.

Can I Come to Lunch?

I just ordered 8 of these tablecloth weights.
Are they not adorable?
They should ship next week. I cannot wait to do a deck table with them!

Aqua, Chartreuse & Purple Tablescape

I did an impromptu table Sunday morning inspired by a grilled meal of BBQ chicken and this aqua watering can. As the table was progressing, I decided I needed a third color and thought purple would be a good accent.

At last summer's closeout sales, I picked up this M. Stewart watering can and a box of assorted colors of candles in tin holders. What a surprise to find candles that matched perfectly--not only the aqua, but the chartreuse too!

I knew my aqua-rimmed Pyrex plates would be a match. I had forgotten about the green striped plates--another great match.

I was thrilled to have aqua watering can napkin rings, too!
I had painted these a few weeks ago when I was painting junque for my garden. You can read all about it here.

I went out to my garden and cut down some hosta leaves and a few flowers for the watering can:

And the table was finished.

Pretty quick and easy. We nibbled on the carrots/celery and grapes while the chicken cooked.

I forgot to get a picture of the BBQ chicken. Trust me, it was delish! As was this strawberry topped pound cake.

Oh, My, 35 pictures of the Same Tablescape in One Post!

I've been browsing some tablescape blogs and noticing that the amount of pictures people are posting is way more than it used to be. I visited one recently that had over 35 pictures of the same table!

It was a nice table setting, but I lost interest after the first five. They all looked the same. There was no writing prior to each picture to let me know what I should be looking at that was different than the picture above.

I've been noticing this trend for some time and wondered if anyone else has noticed the same. I've always enjoyed the write up almost as much as the pictures. I like to see a sentence or two about what inspired the table, where the dishes came from, how the author came up with the creative centerpiece, etc.

So what do you all think? Love the pics, don't care about the descriptions, or prefer fewer pics and more writing?

I Used Strawberry Whoppers™ and Sterling Silver in my Easter Tablescape

It's an unlikely combination, isn't it? But the soft pink of the candy worked well with the table.

I've incorporated a lot of my hobbies in this table, like the wooden bunny I painted purple to match the quilted table runners that I made. I also painted one chocolate brown because it reminds me of all those milk chocolate rabbits I used to get for Easter.
There are lots of real eggs on this table that I colored & decoupaged. These little boy bunnies hold eggs with quilt patterns. A blue jean bunny wearing a pink bandana skirt sits atop the back chair.
I made the chair back toppers in the log cabin quilt block design with pink bunnies in the middle.

I've had these bunny napkin rings for quite some time. I am always happy to see them again because they are just so darn cute!
The centerpiece is my big hurricane candle holder filled with Easter grass and a small egg tree.
Easter tables are always such fun to do, don't you agree?

Pink, Black & Silver Valentine Table

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so since I have no time to do a write up on this one, I will leave you pictures equal to 6,000 words.....Oh, I wish I had caught that crooked candle before I posted this one!

Floating candles in a giant martini glass for the centerpiece.

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