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So Simple Even a Caveman Could do It

I needed a very different table for some very special guests.

Inspiration fabric

While looking for candles that might go with this fabric, I came across some little stubs that must be over ten years old. Normally I would throw these away.
Lucky for me, they managed to find their way to the bottom of a candle box because they are the only colors I had that would work. In fact they worked rather nicely as you will see. There is just no limit to what I will spend to set a unique table. This Hull drip glazed dinner plate is reminiscent of caveman days, don't you think? The dark table needed to be lightened a bit, so I used the glass butterscotch chargers. My original thought was a dark metal charger, but the look was too dark and heavy.

I always like to mix in a little something with sparkle. These amber Tiara dishes worked nicely for the bit of bling I needed. A real orange in each sherbet dish completed the setting. My dinner guests are really in to natural foods.

I also thought my guests would appreciate the natural aspect of the two large pottery vases full of twigs and cattails that I chose for the centerpiece. I surrounded the vases with the little candle stubs in chunky dull-finished brass candlesticks.

The different sizes of the stub candles worked beautifully with the two taller black candles I used.

I used two different stemmed glasses--one light amber and one dark amber/orange.

I think my dinner guests enjoyed themselves.

Cupcakes and Polka Dots

What color tablecloth would you use with a red plate, a green-striped plate, an orange napkin and a gold charger? I think a bold combination like this will need a bold tablecloth, don't you?

So, how's this for bold?

Now what would you eat on a bold table like this? Well, how about something fun like cupcakes?

Of course, I won't be serving them from this cupcake holder/carrier. I want them to look extra special so they are worthy of celebrating a birthday. So I served them in a zigzag stemmed martini glass--the same glasses I used on the martini table. These glasses are so versatile. I use them more for desserts than I do for martinis.

If I had wanted to go "over the top" I could have decorated the cupcakes with cut out fondant circles that matched the tablecloth. That would have been perfect, but WAY too much work for someone like me who has no cake decorating talent. So I just shook a few sprinkles out of a jar.

The centerpiece was just a pedestal cake platter full of more cupcakes and surrounded by candles in many of the colors of the polka dots.

By now you have probably noticed that I have a lot of fun with my chairs. This time I just placed a long section of a coordinating striped fabric over the silver/gray backs that are too formal for this birthday table.

Each cupcake in the martini glass had it's own candle. That way everybody gets to blow out a candle, not just the birthday person (we are never too old to enjoy blowing out a birthday candle). It also makes a nice presentation when your guests walk into the room.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I used tall blue glasses. They are a pretty good match to the blue polka dots.

I had a birthday table in mind right from the day I bought this fabric (last year). I think this table lived up to my original vision. It is a fun birthday tablescape for adults who are young at heart.

How many sets of Dishes do you have & Where do you Store it All?

So many of you have asked those questions that I thought I would do a whole post to answer.

I have a LOT of dishes. I don't know how many. It seems a few years back I attempted to count them and it was something like 30 different dinner plate patterns. Here are a just few of them:

I don't have full sets of all of them. I like an eclectic table and prefer to mix and match, so I buy a lot of item in sixes--six dinner plates, six salad plates, six wine glasses, etc.

I am very fortunate to have a lot of cupboards. I have been collecting dishes for a long time. About 17 years ago we had a good sized family room/kitchen addition put on our very small ranch-style home. Because I already had the dish addiction, I designed my kitchen storage space to accommodate them. This is my main dish storage space. It's 8ft of extra deep shelves. There are 24 shelves. The four cupboards above hold extra large items--things like baskets of cookie cutters, large Tupperware cake and pie holders, etc. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful this wall of cupboards is! In the beginning, I had a few shelves that were empty. I think they remained empty for about two years. Now, of course, I have these shelves stacked to the max.

I like to use felt rounds between the plates to prevent scratching. I learned that from Martha many years ago.

I also have a section of cupboards directly opposite this one that holds glassware. These shelves are just normal depth. I don't know how many stemmed glasses I own. It's a lot and I love them all.

That center blue glass is all alone because I have the others on the table right now.

This center cabinet holds only my amber colored glassware. When the world hated amber, I loved it and as you can see, I accumulated quite a collection. I also have one of those extra deep cupboards full of Tiara amber glass plates, cups, saucers, etc.

In the kitchen I also have this cabinet which holds more glassware on the top and table linen on the bottom.

Everyday glasses are here:

Everyday dishes here:

I have 4 china cabinets/hutches that I use in different rooms to store items. I try to arrange my items in pleasing vignettes, which I change now and then. It's not only great storage space, but it's also a way to enjoy the dishes when they are not on the table. This cabinet has a display of peach lustre dishes.

This curio holds only red and white wine glasses.

The hidden part of this cabinet holds charger plates and placemats (and a few pencils!).

This is part of a large entertainment center in the family room. It holds more glasses and centerpiece items like the huge martini glass.

The bottom of the peach lustre display cabinet holds tablecloths and napkins. It's overflowing and I am planning to move the napkins into these boxes that I recently purchased and put on top of the silver storage cabinet. So there you have most of my dish storage least the spaces that are somewhat neat and tidy. I also have a full basement that is unfinished. Thus, it's only purpose is to store things. ..a dish collectors dream! There are two or three sets of china down there.

Wow, as I read through this, even I am amazed at just how much space I have for my hobby. I guess I planned that kitchen addition pretty well. It may not be fancy, but it works very nicely for me.

The Green Appletini Tablescape

Yes, my new found love of this trendy neon-green concoction
and this wonderfully wacky fabric inspired today's table.

I saw this fabric in the mark-down aisle. When I turned the bolt over to see the price, I made an audible gasp when it said $1.00/yard! I knew then that it was coming home with me. I like unique table covers and this certainly fits the bill!

I used the over sized martini as the centerpiece. The glass beads make it look like it's served on the rocks. Which would not be the case for me, but it does add sparkle.

I used a lot of silver and glass elements which made the table really sparkle.

I put a glass star plate on top of the dinner plate and then another glass bowl to hold the silver rose candle. Each setting had a nice glow.
The napkin is a very light blue/green color.

I scattered all the little mirrors and ice cubes around the table. They really reflect the candles.

I think this would be a good New Year's Eve table.

Don't forget to go back to Susan's blog to find all the other Tuesday tablescape posts. Have fun!

Royal China Winter Scene Tablescape

After work tonight I decided to do a quickie table to celebrate winter. With about 5 feet of snow on the ground, I may as well embrace the season because it will be a long time until spring.

The dinner plate has this charming country winter scene. I would guess these plates are from the 1950's, but I am not sure. Royal made a lot of patterns. I could not find much information on this one. Even did not have this pattern.
The salad plates are slightly different depicting children ice skating on a pond.
A lovely as these are, I rarely use them. You know why? I think that food is much less appealing when it is served on a patterned plate. I like a nice pattern on the rim, but I prefer the middle to be a solid color.
On with the table....I used these glasses because I think they sort of look like snow (even though they are really flowers). If you don't look too closely, they remind me of snowflakes.

I also thought the white swirls of the tablecloth looked similar to blowing snow and there is a little bit of blue color in the plate scene.

A bunch of solid white candles with a twig wreath around the middle one worked just fine for a simple center.

I used dark metal chargers with this table and brown napkins which I just stuck in the glass.

It was pretty quick and easy. I will keep it until Sunday and then switch to something totally different for Tablescape Tuesday.

Avocado Green and Gold Tablescape--Don't Cringe!

I know these colors are reminiscent of the early 1970's, but they were popular for a reason...They go nicely together!

When I purchased this fabric on Saturday, I immediately knew that my old Curiosity Shop plates would be perfect for the Geek pants green plaid.

I purchased these dishes about fifteen years ago while we were on a day trip to a Flea Market. On the way we stopped at a junk shop. They had quite a few other pieces of this pattern, but I only bought the dinner plates for $1.00 each.

When we got to the flea market, I saw the same plates for $9 per plate! I felt pretty good about my earlier purchase and on the way back we stopped at the junk shop to buy more, but they were already all sold. Over the years, I have picked up a few other pieces.

I walked around the house with an eye toward items that I thought would work with the table:

I opted for a butterscotch charger. While looking around to find other items, my eye caught the green/gold weave pattern fruit pieces that were on top of the kitchen cabinets, and a couple of stemmed glasses in one of my china cabinets. I went to the basement to get the green and gold candles I knew I had stored down there.

The butterscotch glass charger was perfect to bring in the secondary color -- gold--but I thought the setting looked a little flat. I am not going to use a salad plate because I don't want to hide the pattern. I couldn't put a napkin across the plate for the same reason. Yet I needed something!

Finally I found the perfect napkin fabric. I put it under the dinner plate and was quite satisfied.
The two glasses I chose also pleased me.

Now I needed chair backs. The dull gold I used was also a bit flat. Hmmmmm, how about some more of the napkin fabric?
I liked using the same fabric twice on the table. It seemed to tie it all together. Now I had to scrounge up a centerpiece. I needed height. I took a tall candle holder from a nearby table and put the weaved patterned apple on top. Then I added a matching pear and my corn king covered casserole.

A few pieces of wooden fruit and tiny sunflowers finished this area. I scattered six candles around the table. A bottle of red wine was placed near the host chair. The chair you see against the wall is just an extra chair sitting in the corner. I like to decorate any extra chairs in the dining room so that everything goes with the table. I even brought in a stack of avocado green boxes to place on the chair to further distribute the green color.
. Now I am just waiting for my pork roast to finish cooking.

Don't forget to go back to Susan's blog to find all the other Tuesday tablescape posts. You will find a lot of talented table setters.
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