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Pigs in the Blanket Napkin Fold

I don't really know what this napkin fold is called.

I learned it years ago and I just made up the name.

I guarantee this fold will impress your dinner guests. It would be a good one to do if your mother-in-law is coming to dinner. She will be duly impressed and brag you up to all of her friends.

It looks very complicated, but it's really super easy to do.

Want to learn how to do it?

O.K. Here goes my tutorial.

I hope you can follow it.

Fold a sturdy square napkin in half. Don't worry about the wrinkles--You won't even see them when you are done. Fold in one corner.
Start from that little fold and roll tightly toward the center.
Stop just before the center. Stick a pin in to hold it in place. Now do the exact same thing to the other side.

You should now have two rolls that meet somewhere near the center. You can stick a pin in to make sure they stay in place during the next steps.

Pick the napkin up and fold it in half with the center point on top. You will be holding the two rolls in your bottom hand.

Once its folded, hold the napkin in one hand like this.

Grab the top layer of the center point with one hand while holding down the bottom layer with your thumb.

Pull the top layer all the way around to the back side. I know, it's brutal, but just do it.

Arrange the top so it's slightly turned back. Ta Da! The two little pigs are in their blanket!
Don't forget to remove the pin from the center.
Now wasn't that fun?


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Very cute...thanks for the tutorial! I sometimes do intricate napkin folds too. I have a book of them. For Valentines one year, I made hearts.

Dianne said...

Fancy napkin folding makes the table looked finished. This is a different one-I like it!
It's kinda a joke with my older brother. I'm trying to remember exactly why-maybe he was at a restaurant and they may have told him the exact fold of the napkin-I forget. He told that story over and over again (you think I'd remember)-but I did find him a book on napkin folding to tease him with.

Zoey said...

Hi Cami,
Hearts sound like a fun one! I don't believe I have ever seen that. Maybe you could do a heart tutorial? It would be neat if everyone did a napkin folding tutorial. We could all learn some new folds!

Dianne, Does your brother use his book to try new folds?

happyreagan77 said...

hey thanks for the tutorial!! you're really funny. and i mean that in a good way! :) i really like your tablescapes so far! :) i'm really into doing my own tablescapes with stuff i find around the home. it's really more fun (and cheaper) than picking it straight out of a pier 1 store or something.. :) have fun, and i can't wait to see more!!

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