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Let the Speeches Begin

In honor of the start of the democratic convention, I have made a quick table change using the Patriotic table runner I just finished yesterday.
The red dahlia floating in the bowl is also reused from the chicken table bouquet I did Saturday.

I am sure I will be doing one or two more Patriotic tables before the November election.

Rooster Tablescape

I was inspired to do a rooster table by this country creamer and two blooming Rembrandt dahlias on my deck.

Since the centerpiece would be rather rustic, I chose this blue bandanna tablecloth.
Red chargers would work with the red dahlias I used in the centerpiece and I decided that Bob Timberlake's 'Ella's Rooster' plates would be used, since they had all the same colors. I pulled a couple of roosters down from above my cupboards to use with the floral centerpiece. I am very happy with the color coordination of the flowers ,the dishes and the roosters.
I used four different colored bandannas for napkins.

This table was very quick and easy and will work great with the chicken I am planning for tonight's dinner.
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