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Vintage Fruit Tablecloth

This is my favorite vintage tablecloth. The cloth is in lovely shape with vibrant colors.

I put the cloth on the table and then tried to find items to use. The first glasses that came to mind were these heavy purple-stemmed goblets. I also knew the centerpiece would start with this item. But now what?
My original thought was to add flowers to the centerpiece. After looking at the cloth for inspiration, I decided on a simple arrangement of fresh peaches and faux grapes.
Then I pulled some light yellow plates, purple salad bowls and a different fruit-themed salt & pepper shaker for each place setting.
I used a couple of fruit candles along with some votives on the opposite side.
I added a purple/red napkin under each salad bowl and the table was complete.

It took about 15 minutes to do this table.

Aqua & Orange Tablescape

The tablerunner I made a few weeks ago was the beginning for today's table.

I had these dishes in mind when I made the runner.
A trip to the glass cabinet revealed some Atlas Capri dot aqua glasses that were a good match.

Unfortunately they are not stemmed, but the color is right one so I used them. I really need to find some aqua-stemmed glasses.

I was not in the mood to make a flower bouquet today, so I just grabbed the big hurricane candle from the top of the curio cabinet. I was hoping I had some orange napkins and sure enough I found some. They went inside the glass to add height. The candle needed a little spiffing up so I added some marbles.
I used napkin holders to hold a computer-printed menu. It added another layer to the place setting without obscuring the flower shape of the plate.

I like the peach tablecloth with this runner. I added a small aqua candle holder on each side of the big one and the the table was ready for dinner.

Thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy all of the other tables today.

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Pink and Black Polka Dot Tablescape

This length of fabric was the inspiration for this table.
Of course, my black dinner plates and pink salad plates were no brainers.
I was glad I remembered these handmade rose napkin rings that I have had for about twenty years, maybe more. I don't know who made them, but the workmanship is wonderful.

Once again I went to my garden for the centerpiece.

I only had three of these miniature calla lilies, which made a nice focal point in this bouquet.
I used black-stemmed and pink rose candles.

Full table before the napkins were added.

After the napkins. (I used a flash on this one and it washed out the colors)

Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity."
Frank Lloyd Wright

Pink and Yellow Vintage Tablescape

Here's another summery vintage tablecloth that I really like (I like them all).

The matching place setting.

An old Tiara glass in the most beautiful shade of green.

I fiddled around with the napkin until I came up with this fold. I needed a fold to fill the huge opening of the soup cup and something that did not stand too high.

Once again the centerpiece is flowers from my own garden in a whimsical light yellow teapot. I love how the yellow dahlias look so much like the yellow daisies in the tablecloth.

I even incorporated this lovely weed at the bottom of the centerpiece. A lot of my flowers aren't as pretty as this weed!
And the full table.

Red, Pink, Burgundy and Black Tablescape

This time of the year I base my tables on what is blooming in my garden.

Red and pink dahlias were looking good today, so that is what I designed this table around. I decided to use my floral tree vases. Anybody remember these?

They were pretty popular when they came out a couple decades ago. They stack up and you just stick a flower or two in each hole.

After I did the bouquet, I decided a pink tablecloth would be nice. I added Burgundy chargers and then started looking for the place setting pieces.

I don't have any solid red dinner plates, so I chose one with a Burgundy pattern, topped with a pink plate and a black octagon salad bowl.

Then I added red and pink glasses.

I decided to use a pink napkin . At first I tried in in the black salad bowl, but I liked it better in the red glass. The red wine glass is pretty formal and I though this fringed edge napkin added a bit of playfulness.

I decided to use a red candle for the top of my centerpiece.

Then I added a few small red/white votives,

which completed this dinner table.

Vintage Tablecloth and Polka Dot Vases

It's been about a week since I first showed you the polka dot vases I bought at a flea market and told you I would be using them with a vintage table cloth. This is the full tablecloth--a beautiful blue and green floral with just a touch of golden yellow.

Here's the cast of characters for this table.

Well, it was the full cast until I decided that I needed to incorporate a bit of that golden yellow color. I was ecstatic to find that my yellow glass chargers worked perfectly with that color.
So even though chargers were probably not used when this tablecloth was new, I decided to use them today.

This morning I went out and picked some garden flowers for the centerpiece. I used only green and bluish purple for the bouquet. I am thrilled with the results.

Here is an overhead view of the flowers. I must say I was a tad nervous hanging upside down from that chandelier to get this shot. :)

Since the tablecloth is so busy (and beautiful), I used a minimum of accessories. I wanted the cloth to be the star so I inserted a navy blue napkin under the dinner plate so as not to interfere at all with the cloth. I used one blue and one green glass to coordinate with the plates.
When I was doing this table, I thought it would be perfect if I had a dessert dish in the same color as the charger. All I could think of was my amber Tiara glass dessert dishes. They are way too heavy for this table. So I decided that it was fine without a dessert dish.

While doing this post, it suddenly struck me that I have four light gold dessert dishes. I immediately ran to my dish cupboard and got those dishes.

Almost exactly what I was thinking I needed. It would be perfect if the stem was just a tad shorter. But I have to use what I have.

Now the table is finished.

I am off to begin dinner preparations. Stir-fried chicken is on the menu tonight.

Vintage Cloth and Polka Dot Vases

I went to a Farmer's Market on Saturday and found these two polka dot vases. As soon as I saw them, I thought of this tablecloth that I already owned.

When I got home I pulled out the tablecloth to see if the vase colors would work. I was thrilled to see that they were perfect.

So from two green and blue polka dot vases at a Farmer's Market, another vintage tablescape idea was born. Time ran out over the weekend, but I will do one soon.
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