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Vintage Tablecloth and Polka Dot Vases

It's been about a week since I first showed you the polka dot vases I bought at a flea market and told you I would be using them with a vintage table cloth. This is the full tablecloth--a beautiful blue and green floral with just a touch of golden yellow.

Here's the cast of characters for this table.

Well, it was the full cast until I decided that I needed to incorporate a bit of that golden yellow color. I was ecstatic to find that my yellow glass chargers worked perfectly with that color.
So even though chargers were probably not used when this tablecloth was new, I decided to use them today.

This morning I went out and picked some garden flowers for the centerpiece. I used only green and bluish purple for the bouquet. I am thrilled with the results.

Here is an overhead view of the flowers. I must say I was a tad nervous hanging upside down from that chandelier to get this shot. :)

Since the tablecloth is so busy (and beautiful), I used a minimum of accessories. I wanted the cloth to be the star so I inserted a navy blue napkin under the dinner plate so as not to interfere at all with the cloth. I used one blue and one green glass to coordinate with the plates.
When I was doing this table, I thought it would be perfect if I had a dessert dish in the same color as the charger. All I could think of was my amber Tiara glass dessert dishes. They are way too heavy for this table. So I decided that it was fine without a dessert dish.

While doing this post, it suddenly struck me that I have four light gold dessert dishes. I immediately ran to my dish cupboard and got those dishes.

Almost exactly what I was thinking I needed. It would be perfect if the stem was just a tad shorter. But I have to use what I have.

Now the table is finished.

I am off to begin dinner preparations. Stir-fried chicken is on the menu tonight.


Donna@designson47thstreet said...

Hello! I would say this tablescape is pretty close to perfect. I'm sure you are the only one who noticed the stems on the dessert glasses may be a tiny bit too long. Looks great. I do love that you added that color to pull up the color of the chargers. The purple flowers add such a nice contrast to the blues and other colors. Very nice!

Lena said...

Your family is so lucky to sit down to dinner at a table like this!!! Just beautiful!

D said...

Really pretty. The colors go great together.


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