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The Last Thing in the World I Need more dishes.

But who buys only what they need?

I have been on the lookout for orange plates. I am in love with orange lately. Orange plates are not all that easy to find. So when I saw these I ordered six of them.

I can't wait to get them next week. They are 8.25 inches in diameter. I am hoping they will work with a lot of the orange runners and chair backs that I already own.

While searching through my table runner pictures, I came across this unfinished picture of last year's deck quilt. I think it might make a good table runner for these plates. Can't you just see a lime, aqua and orange table?

I found two more that would work:

and this

and this

Now I am feeling really good about this purchase. I can see I will be using these dishes a lot!

Easter Tables are Always so Happy Feeling

I did my Easter table today. Don't Easter tables make you feel happy? How can you not feel happy with the colors and fun stuff that usually go on them.

I started with a pink tablecloth and silver/gray chargers.
I considered tossing a lace cloth overtop the pink (which is what I usually do).
I decided to embrace the pinkness this year because it matches the pink bunnies on the chairbacks that I tossed on next.

Then I had to decide on plate colors. I knew I was using pink salad plates, but didn't know if I should use blue or yellow dinner plates.

I decided to use both and alternate the blue and yellow.

Next I decide to use purple glasses and purple candles.

I love these carrot candle holders that I have had for years. Here is the front side:
and here is the backside: Are they not the cutest? The bunny has eaten his way right through the carrot!

My napkin rings are cute little bunnies,

I have used a number of egg holders with my decoupaged real eggs in them. There are three different styles of egg holders.

For the salt/pepper shaker, I used these.

I scattered a few bunny couples around the table. These two are my favorite.

They are fresh flower vases!
I like this set, too.

I bought them at a craft fair about 15 years ago.

The centerpiece is an egg tree with more of my decoupaged eggs.

This corner holds an Easter train set.

Now I have to go carry all the empty boxes back down to the basement. This tablescaping can be a lot of work!

Cobalt Blue, Rust & Olive Green Tablescape

This mosaic oriental lady was the inspiration for today's table.

I started with a cobalt blue dinner plate on the backside of the vivid star table runners I showed in my last post. No chargers - but oh, how I wish I had olive green chargers! Mental note to keep an eye out for such (though I have never seen olive green chargers).
These rust-colored salad plates formed the second, and what I thought would be the last layer.

I fanned a rust napkin in cobalt stemmed glasses.

What could make a better centerpiece than my recent 70% off oriental bust vase filled with tulips that my sweet husband presented me with when I came in the door from work? I guess the tulips also inspired the table. If he had not given them to me, I would not have had to find a vase and not done a table at all.

I also scattered some votives in lotus flower holders and three higher levels of candles in the back corners.

I think that pretty much finishes the table. I snapped a few pictures to do this post. I thought the table looked a little bare and needed something. After looking at the lady again, I decided I needed to add a bit of olive green.

I think that finishes it off nicely. The coffee cups and saucers not only provide the green color, but will be used to hold the egg drop soup.

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Where did all the Stars Go?

Once again my quilting hobby provided the inspiration for a table--this time by a star-studded table runner (actually two runners) for the center of this table. The runners are set atop a white tablecloth (which is really a bed cover. I can't remember if I wrote about how I acquired it in this blog or one of my others.). It looks like a lot of stars, but as the table progresses, the stars become less and less.

Just adding the chargers and dinner plates hide 4 of them. For this table I picked up on some of the different colors in the stars. I used the butterscotch chargers and blue plates to match the background of the runners.

Then I put a rust-colored salad plate atop.

For napkins I combined two--one gold and one rust-colored to tie in with the salad plate. They went into gold-colored glasses. My favorite place for the napkin is in the glass. It adds needed height to hte table.

My little outside the box item on this table is the addition of a string of red peppers and garlic to this live Christmas cactus. I needed to pull in more color than the green. I inserted the whole plant into a blue stoneware pot that is the same blue as the dinner plates.

Once it's finished, you only see one star atop each dinner plate.

Kinda makes me wonder why I put so much work into making all those star blocks!

Purple & White with a Touch of Silver Tablescape

This is a very simple table for a delectable meal of lobster chowder.

The touch of silver is in the charger and the rose candles. The purple glasses were purchased about two years ago. I rarely use them because I find them way too heavy. I like a nice lightweight stemmed glass. But they are beautiful and I do need purple for this table. I used vintage white linen napkins with nice decorative edges.

The centerpiece is a tipped over amethyst vase with dried allium heads and live daisies (leftover from my St.Patrick's bouquet from last week). Wet floral foam holds everything in and keeps the daisies perky.

The background china cabinet holds silver, so it makes a good backdrop for this table.

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St. Patrick's Day Tablescape '09

May your blessings out number
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

~Irish Blessing

Talk about a tablescapers dream -- a trio of green glasses and plates that just happened to be the perfect shades of green for the inspiration tablecloth.
These beautiful green glasses were a wedding gift in the early 1970's. I have always loved them.

While looking through the napkin cupboard, I found another perfect shade of green--be still my racing heart! (I never remember what napkins I have, so it's a thrill when I come across one that works so nicely)
Gold flatware and chargers are the accent color to all the green. The Vaseline candlesticks were almost perfect for that yellowish-green stripe in the tablecloth. I would have preferred a big bouquet of florist-colored green and white flowers with shamrocks sticking out for the centerpiece, but I worked with what I had on hand, which was this depression-green covered votive holder.

Here is the candlelit table. You may notice that I put the napkins on the plate in this pic.

I couldn't decide which napkin placement I liked best. I do like them on the plate, but ultimately they went back into the glass. I will use the V-shape on the plate another time.

Now I wonder which jacket I should wear to dinner?

These are two green jackets that I purchased last week. Even they match the table!

Thanks for visiting.

Update: I came home from work today and my dear husband presented me with a bouquet of flowers. They were just what I had in mind for the centerpiece.

Don't forget to check out all the other creative tabletops.

at Susan's blog on Thursday. Have fun!
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