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An Inopportune Time to be Inspired

This morning I was in the basement going through my fabric bins in search of fabric to work on a quilt when I found this animal fabric on the bottom of one bin.

After a few minutes rummaging, I looked up and on a shelf right near the fabric bin I spotted one of my favorite vases -- an animal print glass purse.

It immediately occured to me that the vase would go nicely with the fabric. I rummaged back to the bottom of the bin and removed the fabric.

Don't you think they go nicely together?

I brought them upstairs thinking I could do a table with these two pieces as my inspiration.

As I was beginning to cut my quilt fabric, I was still thinking of the table I might design. I thought my butterscotch glass chargers would be great with the fabric. My original thought was to use my brown Hull plates.

After cutting a few more pieces of fabric, I decided that my black dinner plates would be better. I dropped everything and went to get a butterscoth charger and a black plate to see if I was correct.

Oh, I am liking it!

Unfortunately I am in the midst of doing my St. Patrick's Day table so I can't do anything with these until sometime later in the month.

Afraid that I would forget about this inspiration, I decided to blog it, thus preserving everything I thought about.

How did I ever live without a blog?


Celestite said...

You wouldn't think that someone who eats sandwiches at the coffee table while working on the computer would like your blog....but I love it.
This one is going to be interesting. I wouldn't have thought so to hear it described, but I like the pics.

carolinajewel said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that! I love that fabric! :D Jewel

dani said...

Excited to see the result of this...oh, and the St Patty's table too!

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