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A New Taylor Smith Taylor & Carrollton China Combo

I have always thought this Carrollton floral china was a fresh, pretty pattern. It has a thin silver rim which is in pretty good condition considering this plate is probably sixty years old. It was most likely the "good" china and was rarely used. What a pity to own something so lovely and never use it. I bet its previous owner would like knowing that I am taking good care of her china and get a lot of enjoyment from using it.

This green rimmed Taylor Smith Taylor china has a very similar center cluster of flowers. I think the gold overlay on the rim really makes this pattern a knockout.

I decided to try the two together. I auditioned a gold charger, a butterscotch charger and a silver charger. I chose the silver because I thought it gave a softer appearance to the place setting. I think I have just discovered a new combo that I love!

For glasses I chose my new green martini glasses that I bought at the dollar store last week for $1 each. They were perfect. I paired them with a smaller pink glass.

I am not in love with the pink glass. I think it is too bright and chunky. I changed it for this more refined mellow yellow glass and liked it much better.

The centerpiece is an amethyst vase with painted allium heads from my garden. They are too white, but it's all I could come up with. There a few other purple bottles scattered about. The light blue napkin picks up on the same blue color in the flowers on the china.

I used two tablecloths. The pink seemed to light on its own and the green too dark, so I did an overlay which worked nicely. The bird candlesticks are the same creamy porcelain as the china and I believe about as old.

Do any of you have these same dishes and know how old they are?

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Aqua & Rusty Red Tablescape

With my new nursing, chauffeur, and snow shoveling duties, I did not have time last week to do a table for Tablescape Thursday. Yesterday I had a bit of spare time and decided to do a table.

Aqua and red is such a trendy combo right now. I have seen a number of weddings in that color scheme. I decided to use it for a table.

I used a black napkin. Decorators say that every rooms needs a bit of black. I tend to agree and I also think the same applies to tables (and I was not in the mood to look for a different color).
I put the napkin under the dinner plate.

I have been doing that a lot lately. On my next table I will have to do a special fold.

I used one red taper candle in a small crystal candle holder so as not to obscure the pinwheel.

I was gifted with a bottle of this Triple Shot Expresso vodka. It's a vodka that tastes like strong coffee. I removed the cap and used my Mikasa crystal topper and bottle coaster.

Doesn't that look much prettier? It makes a nice after dinner sipping drink.

I decided that the wooden centerpiece looked too heavy so I swapped it out for the big Margarita glass. I can't tell you how many times that garage sale glass has come in handy for a centerpiece.

All in all I think it turned out to be a cheery table for cold February dinner.

Sneak Peak at my Easter Table

I just finished piecing six of these bunny blocks. I pinned this one to the chair to see if the size is right. It is.

Now all I have to do is line them and they will be ready for my Easter table. At this point I don't know what else I will be doing, but you can be sure the dishes will have the same colors as these new chair backs.

I would say it's going to be a pastel Easter at my house!

Aqua and Chartreuse Tablescape

This is the Green Appletini table from this previous postwith the addition of one other color. In this case it's aqua. I added an aqua glass and a small aqua rimmed plate.

The tablecloth is the same. Doesn't it remind you of a 1920's flapper dress?

I bought these two ornaments in the after Christmas sale at Big Lots ($3 for the box
of 2). I plan to use the aqua one in a tree top arrangement next year. I also bought the fabric for a tree skirt, but Christmas is months away, so I am having a little fun using it for tablescapes.

I anchored the aqua finial in a candlestick. Flanked by two silver candles it became the centerpiece.

I scattered aqua marbles around to bring in a bit more of that color.

With just those few changes, I have a different table.

Would you call that green chartreuse? I am not sure...

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I Finished the Runner and Matching Chair Toppers

After a couple of hours work very early Saturday morning, I completed the set. This afternoon I stripped down the table so I could get an idea of how it was going to look.

I think with the right table cloth it has possibilities.

I finished the back side of both the runner and the chair throws with a less wild black fabric that I think I will be able to use for a lot of different tables.

I like to make these reversible so I can get double use from them.

I was pretty excited when I pulled this fabric from my bin. I think it is exactly what I need for the table cloth.

If you are an attention to detail person, you may notice that it is the very same pattern as the orange print in the runner. Now I just need to figure out what to use for dishes. I had a busy weekend with no time to even consider the rest of the table. I am not even sure I will get to it this week, but at least I had enough fabric to get everything made.

I Predict a Wild Table in my Near Future

Last week I was working on (and finished piecing) a very bold table runner in orange, purple, lime green and black.

I had a little pile of leftover fabric and after work tonight I decided to make some matching chair toppers. So far I have only made two of them, but I am already getting excited about designing a table to go with it all!

Is this wild or what? LOL.

When I started the runner, I was thinking of a Halloween table. I don't think it necessarily has to be Halloween, do you? (I had to just toss it on an extra chair because the table is all set for the Valentine's Day)

All I know at the moment is that I will be using my black octagon dinner plates and probably my lime green salad plates.

After that, who knows?

It should be fun though.

A Little Excitement to a Dull Work Day

Shortly after noon today a co-worker brought a bunch of boxes to my desk. I could tell from the return label that they were supplies I had ordered......well, all but one of them.

I lifted the box puzzled about what it could be.

"Another clothing order?" he asked. I order almost all of my clothes on line and he is used to bringing up those boxes.

"No," I said. "The box is too big." Then it hit me. It must be the rooster bowl that I recently won by commenting on Laurie's bargain hunting blog. I was pretty excited to get it opened. I was not disappointed. Look how beautiful the bowl is!

That's one of the chickens from my own coop checking out the new addition. :)

I decided to display the bowl above my kitchen sink.
Laurie sent a very lovely handmade card with a fabric center of flowers.
Inside the card was yet another rooster! I just love him! He is full of colored rhinestones and has a wire hanger.
I hung him on my kitchen china cabinet.

Laurie, thank you so much for everything. I love it all.

Valentine's Table '09

I used my gold beaded place mats for this table. I have not used these as often as I thought I would. They are pretty formal and I am more into fun and whimsical tables.
Because I didn't want to hide the pretty placemat, I did not use a charger plate. I did a flower napkin fold to hold a pink rose candle.

The rose sits atop the napkin in a relish dish holder.

I bet you all have seen (and maybe own) one of these. I find the dishes work great for candle holders or dessert cups.

The centerpiece also has some "outside the box" items. I have placed a number of items atop a Jeannette depression era Crystal Harp cake stand with gold trim.
The doves were part of a wedding gift. A pearl necklace drapes down each side. The white lace hearts serve to hold the necklaces in place. I have just used a couple of pins to secure them.

In front of the doves I have two pink necklaces that I love.

On the back side I have used a large gold earring to cover the necklace clasp.

I have pierced ears so I would never wear this earring. I think it's quite beautiful, though, and I am happy to get to enjoy it in a different manner.

Since it's Valentine's Day I have used my LOVE candles in front of the centerpiece.

I have used red, pink and gold glasses.

The large red wine glass has a little heart attached with wire to its stem.

The dessert plate is a glass heart on top of a gold plate. The gold plate was really used just to pull in one more item in the liqueur glass color.

Since the liqueur bottles were so pretty they were also used as table decoration.

Again the chair backs were decorated. I just finished making two quilt blocks with a rose in the center, so I took the opportunity to use them on the two host chairs.
Be sure to do something special for your Valentine this year.

Check out all the other tablescapers at Susan's blog on Thursday . Have fun!
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