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I Finished the Runner and Matching Chair Toppers

After a couple of hours work very early Saturday morning, I completed the set. This afternoon I stripped down the table so I could get an idea of how it was going to look.

I think with the right table cloth it has possibilities.

I finished the back side of both the runner and the chair throws with a less wild black fabric that I think I will be able to use for a lot of different tables.

I like to make these reversible so I can get double use from them.

I was pretty excited when I pulled this fabric from my bin. I think it is exactly what I need for the table cloth.

If you are an attention to detail person, you may notice that it is the very same pattern as the orange print in the runner. Now I just need to figure out what to use for dishes. I had a busy weekend with no time to even consider the rest of the table. I am not even sure I will get to it this week, but at least I had enough fabric to get everything made.


Susan said...

Very pretty! I need to get my sewing machine out and try to sew....


Lynn said...

I love the colors and the design.
Your quilting experience certainly is on display with design, mixing of colors, and the coordinating patterns.

I do fused glass; your design just may have inspired a plate or bowl. :D

Lorrie said...

I love the colors and you are so cleaver and creative. Its good to know someone else is so passionate about tablescaping.

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