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Ella's Rooster Tablescape

These are dishes from Bob Timberlake, called "Ella's Rooster".

I designed and made a table runner to coordinate with the dishes.

I pulled out some of my favorite poultry pals to grace this table.

There are roosters, hens, eggs and a couple of "The Little Red Hen" books. Remember that story?

Most women seem to relate to it.

I think it will be the perfect table for a homemade chicken pot pie dinner. If one of those hens would cook the pot pies, I would be very happy to help her eat them!

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Pink, Black & Silver (the tablescape used in my header)

This table started as just black and silver.

I thought it needed a color punch, so I changed to pink salad plates and pink glasses. Then I rolled a smaller pink napkin inside the black linen napkin.

There--now we have a little pizzaz!

I had a tough time trying to make a centerpiece. I can't wait until my flowers start producing. About mid July I have no shortage of materials for centerpieces. In the meantime, I decided that these dried allium seed heads from last year's garden would do just fine with the addition of a few curly sprigs of twigs.

With the addition of pink, I could use one of my quilted star table runners.

It's nice to have a secondary hobby (quilting) that complements my table setting hobby. I can make all sorts of one of a kind items for my tables.

I always love sparkle.

These ice cubes fit the bill nicely. I just tossed a few on the table.

I am taking these pictures very early in the morning and the color does not always come out true with the camera flash. Have you ever noticed that?

I like to drape a can light over a chair and use it for extra brightness. If I use a couple of these lights I don't even need to use the flash.

The silver wine glass would be used for one of these mini desserts I showed in a previous post.

I would have the desserts in the goblets when the guests arrived. After they sat down, they would simply move it to the side and their napkin would be available to place in their lap. I like settings to be functional. I would not place a silver wine glass in the center of a setting if it had no part in the dinner service.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy all of the other tables today.

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Aqua, Gold and Cobalt Blue Summer Table

I brought out this fabric to test it for a table runner binding. It did not work for the binding. When I went to put it away, I admired the print and wondered if I had any dishes that would work with it.

I threw it on the table and went to my dish storage cupboards.

What a pleasant surprise to quickly find these:

Turquoise, gold and cobalt -- all the colors in the fabric.

The turquoise handled bowls are very old McCoy pottery pieces which I just love. The plates are just Wally World purchases. I always check Wally's markdown aisle and often pick up a new color of plates there. Usually I will just buy the dinner plates or the salad plates and mix and match. I find an eclectic table much more interesting than a matchy matchy table, don't you?

I went out to the deck and clipped a handful of flowers. I love summertime when I have everything I need for a centerpiece right out on the deck. I just needed to find a vase. I didn't have to look far.

I decided to use some capri dot glasses that were right in my cupboard for vases. These glasses are from the 1950's. I love these, too (I guess I just love a lot about this table).

I like floating one pink star dahlia in these short glasses.
I think it turned out very summery looking.

This is a table I did at the end of last Summer.

Here's one I did a week ago. It's just a simple spring unch in my tulip garden.

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