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An Almost-Christmas Morning Breakfast

People always ask me if we really eat at the tables I do.

Of course, we do! At least most of them. I especially enjoy it during Christmas when the whole room glows with white lights.

I am a very early riser ( 4 a.m. today, usually 5:00 a.m.). My husband is more normal and likes to sleep until about 7:30 or 8:00 a.m.. That works great because I like a good two hours alone when I get up.

This morning I prepared the dining room for a nice big Sunday breakfast of eggs and hominy.

I quickly found some pink dishes to match the tree
and did a fast set up. Even though there was just the two of us, I took an extra few minutes to use cloth napkins and tie a pink Christmas ball around them.

I do love hominy fried in a little butter with salt and pepper. . . not the grits, but the whole kernels of hominy. I have not had it in a few years. Yesterday my Mom mentioned that she made some for my Dad and I suddenly had to have some, too.

I would have taken a pic, but my camera battery is charging. If you have never had it, check it out. It's a nice replacement for hash browns for breakfast!

A Fruit-Studded Christmas Table

I love to use faux fruit on my tables. These pears were used in the centerpiece and then for more emphasis I placed one perfect pear on each salad plate. That's the beauty of using faux fruit--it's always perfect.

I thought the silver candles lacked in "oomph", so I changed them out for finials.

The finials worked perfectly and gave just the bit of "oomph" I thought the table needed. I hated how those pears photographed so yellow. If I used a flash the picture was ruined with prominent yellow pears.

This year those same pears are used in this garland decoration. I have painted them a bronze color. You may have to click the picture to see them.

I really like the bronze color so much better.

No Time for Tables This Week

Sorry, it's been a while since I've posted here. I have decorated 11 Christms trees in the past week. Nine at home and two at work. I've been posting about it all on my main blog. You can click this sentence if you want to go there.

I am planning to do a holiday table soon.
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