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A Fruit-Studded Christmas Table

I love to use faux fruit on my tables. These pears were used in the centerpiece and then for more emphasis I placed one perfect pear on each salad plate. That's the beauty of using faux fruit--it's always perfect.

I thought the silver candles lacked in "oomph", so I changed them out for finials.

The finials worked perfectly and gave just the bit of "oomph" I thought the table needed. I hated how those pears photographed so yellow. If I used a flash the picture was ruined with prominent yellow pears.

This year those same pears are used in this garland decoration. I have painted them a bronze color. You may have to click the picture to see them.

I really like the bronze color so much better.

1 comment:

laurie said...

I love those finials in the candlesticks, and yuor garland on your cabinet looks beautiful. What a great idea to pain the pears. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice note. laurie

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