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Aqua & Rusty Red Tablescape

With my new nursing, chauffeur, and snow shoveling duties, I did not have time last week to do a table for Tablescape Thursday. Yesterday I had a bit of spare time and decided to do a table.

Aqua and red is such a trendy combo right now. I have seen a number of weddings in that color scheme. I decided to use it for a table.

I used a black napkin. Decorators say that every rooms needs a bit of black. I tend to agree and I also think the same applies to tables (and I was not in the mood to look for a different color).
I put the napkin under the dinner plate.

I have been doing that a lot lately. On my next table I will have to do a special fold.

I used one red taper candle in a small crystal candle holder so as not to obscure the pinwheel.

I was gifted with a bottle of this Triple Shot Expresso vodka. It's a vodka that tastes like strong coffee. I removed the cap and used my Mikasa crystal topper and bottle coaster.

Doesn't that look much prettier? It makes a nice after dinner sipping drink.

I decided that the wooden centerpiece looked too heavy so I swapped it out for the big Margarita glass. I can't tell you how many times that garage sale glass has come in handy for a centerpiece.

All in all I think it turned out to be a cheery table for cold February dinner.


movingonlady said...

I love this table scape. You are very artistic.

Anita said...

I kind of liked it with the wooden center piece. It gave it an artsy look.

dani said...

I can't decide which centerpiece I like better. I guess it depends on the occasion. The Margarita glass is more party/festive and the wooden one seems more elegant/dressy. Lovely table.

tardevil said...

I like it! The vodka looks good too! Love those red glasses.

Swati said...

A very interesting combination. You make it work so well here :)

carolinajewel said...

Another great table Zoey! I love the aqua and red combination and I like both centerpieces. You get a different feel from each. :D Jewel

ShaneHolden said...

Absolutely stunning, as always! Reading about your tablescaping brightens my day, it's always gloriously done and looks almost too good to eat off of.

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