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I Predict a Wild Table in my Near Future

Last week I was working on (and finished piecing) a very bold table runner in orange, purple, lime green and black.

I had a little pile of leftover fabric and after work tonight I decided to make some matching chair toppers. So far I have only made two of them, but I am already getting excited about designing a table to go with it all!

Is this wild or what? LOL.

When I started the runner, I was thinking of a Halloween table. I don't think it necessarily has to be Halloween, do you? (I had to just toss it on an extra chair because the table is all set for the Valentine's Day)

All I know at the moment is that I will be using my black octagon dinner plates and probably my lime green salad plates.

After that, who knows?

It should be fun though.


Lynn said...

I love the colors! And, I agree these colors should not be limited to a Halloween table.

I'll definitely be viewing in a different light a set of dishes on the next flea market trip. Your blog may have introduced me to a new passion, as if I need one. lol

carolinajewel said...

What a wonderful color scheme! Definitely don't only use for Halloween - I want to see the "wild" table sooner than that!!!
Seriously, that green goes with almost any season! :D Jewel

Dani and Jimmy said...

It definitely could work for Halloween but would be fun bringing out the other colors as dominant for other times too- it's really fun!

Steve Ballmer said...

... enjoying your blog!

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