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My Top Five Posts according to Blogger Stats

Today I had time to explore my stats and I thought I would show you my top five posts and the tablescapes of each. First here are the Blogger stats:

Black and Yellow Fun Tablescape:

I was a little disappointed that the table that got the most views was not even one I designed. You can see more of this one by clicking on the heading text above the pic.

#2  Black, White and Red Rose Table:

This classic table is also one of my favorites so I was not surprised to see this as #2.

#3  It's a Jungle Out There:

I have done other jungle tables that I like better. I guess having the word "jungle" in the post header caused the search engines to pull up this one when people googled.  Now I am wondering where that fabric went! It would have been perfect for a recent animal handbag I made.
#4  Black, Silver and White Tablescape:

Another classic color combo.  I like this one, too.

#5  Valentine's Table 2009:

Hmmmm...these selections are interesting to me. Four of the five tables have black as a prominent color. People must like black.

Overall I have done a lot of tables that are more interesting than these. 

Have you ever checked to see your stats to see what your top 5 posts are? I wonder if you were surprised, too.


D said...

Hi, Zoie,
I'm glad you enjoyed the tombstone.
Hmm. I didn't even remember you could check your stats. I'm going to check mine. Thanks.

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

Yes, i noticed that too about 3 of the top choices having black in them! And that is a helpful point you made: check your stats!

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