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Black and Yellow Fun Tablescape

We had a birthday party at work today where the client hired a decorator who did this beautiful table.

It's all black, yellow, white and polka dots. The cake was white with black polka dots.

The contemporary orb centerpieces on each end helped to carry out the circular theme as did the boxes covered in polka dot paper that were used as pedestals for the candles.

I am a little concerned about that yellow ribbon burning. When I left an hour ago everything was lit. I hope someone is keeping an eye on those!

I loved this big tall centerpiece.

How about the yellow boas on all the ladies chairs? All the ladies are expected to wear them during the party.
Every person also had a pair of black sunglasses and black/yellow M&M's that were personalized with the birthday lady's name. The sunglasses were used as place cards.
What a fun party. The champagne toast will be served in battery operated glasses that shimmer with rainbow colors. Our servers will push the little buttons on the bottom of each glass to get the lights going, then fill with champagne and bring them all in . I wish I was there to see it.

They should be dining on their prime rib right now. I do hope everything goes well and that I get good comments on my follow up call tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I really admire your tablescapes. I create table settings using fabric, ribbon, beads, and even paper covered with plastic. I do a home-made version of tablescapes. I will visit your site often.

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