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Where I Store it All--Well, Most of It--OK, at least 3/4th's of It

I have shown this area before, but I recently spent six hours (over two days) removing everything from these cabinets, rearranging the shelves, washing all of them and then putting it all back (not exactly  all...I did donate three boxes of dishes that I felt certain I would never use to a thrift store---I am not a hoarder...I am not a hoarder). Now it all fits better and I can find what I want and I can get it out easily.

I am not going to talk about every shelf, but will highlight a few of my favorites.  I am very fortunate to  have this large area solely to indulge my dish hobby. 

Here are the first two units (I have four of these):  I used to have all the shelves the same size, but noticed some buckling of the shelves, so I decided  that I needed to put most of the super heavy plates on the bottom where there is more support.  That meant I had to remove the four little silver thingies that hold each shelf and re-adjust them all.  . . major ordeal....let me tell you...
 In the first section notice that I made the last area very small. I wanted to be able to have a shelf all by itself for my super big heavy meat fork and knife set.  It is a beautiful set, but it used to be on the bottom of about a dozen other trays and was way to difficult to get to, so I rarely used it.
Just look at those beautiful ducks engraved on the handles!  Now I can easily pull it out--wonderful!

One shelf is dedicated to my Tiara glass. I have loved this amber-colored dishware since the 1980's (when everyone else hated it--perhaps they still do, but I still love it).

Here are the other two shelf units:
 Some of you may be wondering what all the white stuff is sticking out of the dish stacks. Some of it is paper toweling and some is felt. I use both to prevent scratches.

I put another skinny shelf on the top of the end section for big heavy relish trays.  Shelf #2 is full of small relish trays. You would think we eat a lot of relish around here--LOL.
 The third shelf holds most of my pedestal servers--cake plates and footed bowls.

The bottom shelf holds white milk glass plates and my collection of those vintage crystal star plates (can't think of the proper name right now--maybe Federal Star or something similar--anybody know?).
 I cannot tell you how good it feels to have this job done. I had DH take the 3 boxes to goodwill right away so I would not be tempted to grab more items back.  I did grab a few before he left.

Like these tarnished silver plated items:

 I sent at least 6 silver plated items to Goodwill. These two called out to me just before they left, so I took them out of the goodwill box and spent a few minutes cleaning them with  silver cleaner.  They did clean up nicely, don't you think?

It feels so good to have this  major task completed!


Dianne said...

Wow-you have quite a collection of different collections! Brian said I have too many dishes, but he is wrong!! My mom loves amber dishes herself. I love cobalt blue and pale pink glass-like Pea.
I so need to do the same thing, but it's the box after box of things in the basement-yard sale!!!

Deanna said...

the silver pieces cleaned up so very nice!!!
I try to buy pieces like this when I'm out and about. Luv them.
Storage looks fantastic.

God bless,

AZ said...

I use coffee filters between all my dishes to prevent scratching, they're cheap and they do a good job. I love all your glass, I have a hard time not buying glass myself.

SavannahGranny said...

You have some very beautiful pieces and great storage. I am following you here then I am going over to follow on the garden blog. Great blog. Hugs, Ginger

Jann Olson said...

Hi Zoey,
Yes, I am not a hoarder, I am not a hoarder! The shelves under my kitchen island are entirely seasonal dishes. They are organized, like yours. I think that makes us NOT a hoarder! LOL! Love all of your dishes.

Maddie Mac Boutique said...

Hi there I just stumbled across your blog and got so fascinated by it, I AM a, and totally love vintage dishes,,,I do have the Amber Tiara and always try to collect different some of the pieces you have. Love , Love.

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