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Peach Lustre and Black Table

While looking for my black linen tablecloth, I came across this piece of fabric I bought last year. black octagon and Fire King peach lustre dishes might work with this animal-like print.

It won't be the black/peach Halloween-type table with the pumpkin floral centerpiece I had originally envisioned, but I decided to go with the flow and see what emerged.
It was the first time I used the swirled caramel-colored chargers I got last Christmas.

The octagon black plates worked fine on top of the round charger.

Then I added a peach lustre plate and a peach lustre dessert bowl. I put a faux squash in each dessert bowl to bring in a sense of autumn.

I used black-stemmed octagon champagne flutes with black linen napkins rolled tightly in a cigar shape and inserted inside the flutes. Another stemmed goblet is used for the main drinking glass. The coffee cups and saucers are peach lustre.

I scattered a few real green pears (from the tree in the empty lot next to me)and added six earth-colored large candles. For sparkle I tossed a few clear glass cubes and some shiny gold circles and squares.

For the centerpiece I used my animal print ladies purse vase filled with orange dahlias.
Because I did not have enough dahlias blooming, I used last year's dried/painted allium seed heads as filler.

This was a fun table to do. I am glad I didn't find the black tablecloth. Maybe I don't even have a black tablecloth. I buy so many that I can never remember what I have!

3:00 pm. Update:
As often happens doing one thing turns into a whole day of work. I have climbed up and down the stairs to the basement more times than I care to remember, cleaned more china cabinet shelves than I ever want to do again in one day and lost 3 fingernails!

I have rearranged the entire living room--including moving a curio cabinet into the dining room. Once moved I had to change the items in it so they worked with the table. Then I had to redo the china cabinet that is already in the dining room. Then I had to redo the one in the living room because I had the peach lustre in it.

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