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Valentine's Day Table

After I finished using the dining room table to mark my quilt, I decided to do a Valentine tablescape.

I ended up with a pink/burgundy/gold scheme with a crystal heart plate on top and another small tiara glass gold heart in the center of that. The gold heart really tied in the bottom layer, of the new beaded gold chargers.

I used all sorts of items that I had no idea I would be using. Like this mermaid in the glass

I found her in a drawer and since she was pink, she was fair game. :) She didn't end up staying in the glass.

I first tried my heart quilt for a tablecloth, but I decided not to use it since I can't bear to have food spilled all over it. I kept trying to think of a way to use it since the month of February only comes once a year and it's the only time I use this quilt.

I finally decided to lay it over the back of a chair. It can be easily removed when someone needs to sit--if anyone ever does. I have not decided yet if I will have a Valentine's dinner party or not.
I had a tough time coming up with a centerpiece. For the moment I've decided on this.

It's another wall pocket vase shaped like a heart. I have a pearl necklace, a lady's glove and a boutineer from my wedding inside. It all sits atop a cake plate with a few pink/gold flower candles and some "ice cubes" scattered about.

All in all, I'm happy with it.

I expect my new red wine glasses to arrive in the next day or so. I think they will be too red, but if, by chance, they are more burgundy colored, I will switch out the white ribbed crystal I am using now.

Oh, the mermaid ended up here:

I think she looks so cute hanging on the knob. She has holes in her back to hang on a wall, so she worked perfectly.

Oh, I also added my "LOVE" candle holders just because they are perfect for Valentine's Day.

Whenever I have candles on a tablecloth, I like to include a candle snuffer as part of the display. That way it's always handy to put out the candles.

I don't want to blow on them and have hot wax all over the lace cloth.

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