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New Duds for the Dining Room Chairs

I spent the day cooking a mini Thanksgiving meal. I set a nice little table for just the two of us. I posted about it over on my main blog, Perennial Passion.

While setting the table I got the idea to sew two napkins together to make a chair back cover. It looks like a wrapped gift, doesn't it?

It actually has some cattails in the center of the ribbon which helps to give an impression of autumn.

Anyway this little item gave me an idea to make some longer coverings.
I was down on the floor cutting in between my meal preparations.

I didn't have a pattern, but they were easy to make. I had to think a little to figure out what to do around the end arm chairs, but that, too, was pretty simple.

Here is a peek at what they look like.
It's just the back because I am saving the full reveal for my holiday tablescape. I think I am going to get a lot of use from these. The silver color will be quite versatile.

I can see a new passion developing. I bet within a few months I will have many different sets of duds for my dining room chairs. What fun!


SallyC said...

Ha, just flipped over here and there are you show me exactly what you are doing. :0)


Anonymous said...

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