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A Bowl of Oatmeal Became a Gourmet Breakfast

With major holidays I set at least two different holiday tables. I have a small round table that works nicely for breakfast.

Even though I only needed one bowl and a fruit cup for our breakfast of oatmeal, toast and fruit, I spent a few minutes to set a nice table.

I used a quilt I just finished for the tablecloth because it was in pink and purple.

Two wooden bunnies decorating their egg tree form the centerpiece with alphabet blocks spelling out a holiday greeting.

Note the framed quilt blocks behind the Easter bunny centerpiece. They are leftover from the quilt, so I could not ask for a more perfect match.

I filled pink-stemmed dessert dishes with fruit and tied some carrots around the stem. The carrots are the same as those the bunnies in the center of table are holding.

And so a bowl of oatmeal became a very enjoyable breakfast!


carolinajewel said...

Cute Easter table! I love the bunnies decorating the Easter tree. The carrots tied to the dessert dishes are a nice touch. I love the bunnies holding the vases of flowers! :D Jewel

Dani said...

So cute- looks good!

The American Homemaker said...

Looks really nice :) I love dressing up simple meals too.

Granny on the Web said...

What a unique blog! I find all your ideas for table settings quite beautiful. What a gift, and you obviously delight in it all.
You must have so much patience to lay out all this finery.
Well done.

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