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Vases can be such Fun

Every table needs a centerpiece and flowers often work well. I think the vase is a very important element of the table design. I have many, many vases and things that I love to use as vases. Here is a sampling:

I have dozens of old pottery vases. This one always adds a burst of color to the table.

Anything that holds water can be used as a vase. Like this old ceiling light bulb cover:

In fact it does not even have to hold water. If a glass will fit inside, just fill the glass with water. Like this birdhouse: Or this ceramic chicken:

Or this garage sale metal container:

This animal print "purse" was found in the Walmart markdown bin for only $2.00!

How about a veggie-decorated pitcher for a veggie bouquet?
Here it is again with pears and dahlias.

Here's a real pretty amythest vase that I love to use.

Here's a collector head vase that I also love:

Another garage sale purchase:

As you can see there is no shortage of vases at my house!

If you think you are a little short on vases, just think outside the box
and begin experimenting with anything that will hold water or a glass full of water. You may be amazed at what you find.

1 comment:

Dani said...

Thanks, Zoey. I'm enlightened. :) I love your lovely collection!

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