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Is there any color cobalt blue does not go with?

I have been so busy in the garden, that I have not done a new table in the last month.

I thought I would show a few of the different tables I have done with the same cobalt blue dinner plates.

I find it amazing how easy it is to incorporate the cobalt color with my tables.

I think cobalt, pink and orange would be a good combo. I don't recall doing that one before, but I can't really be sure. Perhaps I will try it this weekend.

Do any of you have a picture you have done of that color combination?


stormcloud said...

Wow! Those tables are so much fun! I love the second one with the cobalt and orange, especially the orange napkins folded like fans in the blue glasses <3

carolinajewel said...

I never thought of cobalt as that neutral, but your pictures don't lie! All the tables are great! :D Jewel

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