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Vintage Hydrangea Tablecloth Tablescape

I seem to be in the vintage tablecloth mood. I love this old hydrangea tablecloth. I used blue dinner plates and pink salad plates that are both a pretty good match to the colors in the cloth.
I tried a couple of different glasses and finally decided on these two.

I try to use this hydrangea tablecloth when I have fresh hydrangeas to use for a centerpiece. I clipped these three from my garden.
I put just one hydrangea in each container. Did you notice these are the same candle holders turned vases that I used last weekend?
The pink rose candles are just about the same shade as the fringed-edge pink napkins.
It's a quick summer table that would be perfect for a ladies luncheon.


Lena said...

Just so beautiful. I love your idea about the candle holder turned vases. I have some like it and I am going to try it. You are so amazing.

Zoey said...

Lena, thank you for the nice comment. I hope your candleholders work for you as vases.

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