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The Table is Done

When I said in my last post that I might need to go under the cover of darkness and clip some foliage from the planters I did at work, I was only joking. I would never go in the night and steal someone's flowers!

I did the planters I was talking about. I snip them regularly to maintain their shape. So while I did snip a few sprigs from those containers, it was not something I did in the dark. I snipped them off as I left work at 3:00 p.m. Just want to clear that up...LOL.

If any of you follow my main blog, Perennial Passion, you know I have a lot of flowers of my own. When I got home yesterday, I went out on the deck and snipped off a few of my own Tropicanna® leaves.

I spent a few moments considering what I would use as the container for my centerpiece. I wanted something small enough so that my table runner would show (after all, I don't do all the work to make these things just to cover them with a huge centerpiece!). I finally decided to use this elevated bowl. It's big enough to hold all my foliage, yet still show the table runner.

I began with some Tropicanna® and some Tropicanna Gold® leaves that I clipped from my deck.

I like it already! These leaves are perfect with this runner. Then I added the coleus 'Sedona' , the ipomoea 'Sweet Caroline' & ipomea 'Blackie'. (Ipomea is sweet potato vine)
Look at that. I decided I did not even need any flowers. I think all the gorgeous foliage is enough. I guess there are a few flowers since the coleus is blooming.

I love this centerpiece! I can't believe how I was inspired as I got out of my car at 6:30 am. and walked past the planters!

I told you I would probably add a second glass and I did. . . a martini glass filled with Vodka and Sweet & Sour Margarita mix.

I call it a Margaret-tini. Not only is the drink the perfect color for this table, but it is very delicious.Once I got the idea for the centerpiece, this table fell into place.

I am happy with it.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

It is gorgeous. Love the colors and your centerpiece is stunning with all the beautiful leaves. It has such a wonderful fall look. Hugs, Marty PS, the runner is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

Love the jewel colors you used. I agree the foliage is perfect for this table. The lime green of the ivy really pops out. ~ Sarah

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