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The Blogs--They Are A'Changin'

I have not checked my main email account for over a month.

I really only use email for my blog, which is a yahoo account. I am not one who sends multiple emails every day.

A few years ago on my main email I set up some google alerts for certain topics that I was interested in. When I began posting about tablescapes, there was almost nobody else posting about the topic, so I set up an alert for tablescapes. About once every couple of weeks, someone other than me would post about tablescapes.

Then I started making table runners and set up an alert for that.

Now there are tons of people posting about both every day. I really should delete these alerts because I don't have time to read so many.

I guess I was on the cusp of something big and never knew it! I should have found a way to profit from it as I notice many other new bloggers have. Now and then I receive emails from companies on the web who want me to advertise their stores. They will give me a gift to use for a giveaway. I ignore them all. As far I am concerned their emails are spam.

Ads on blogs turn me off, but it does not seem to bother anyone else. I noticed that some of these new bloggers even have a separate page to entice paying advertisers by boasting about how many hits a day they get, etc. Every day I see more and more of them having give-a-ways from the same advertisers who emailed me. People flock to comment to get in the drawing. The blogger links to the advertiser's site numerous times in the post and gushes over how wonderful their products are. I find this a huge turn off, but it seems to be the way of future blogging. I can't imagine that these bloggers are making much money. Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps they are raking in the dough and I should lower my standards and do the same thing.

Is it just me or are you guys noticing a change in blogs? If you are, does all the advertising bother you? I have seen sidebars with at least a dozen advertising links. Is anyone really making any money with this advertising?

I would love to hear what you all think about this.


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I don't know if there's money to be made from blog advertising cause I don't do it. ;o)

I don't like it either....I expect it out of the big blogs like Martha Stewart, etc but us small-timers can't possibly have enough traffic to make enough money to offset the annoyance.

Lena said...

Sounds like you were on the cutting edge!

There is one blog I read that has turned into a business and it has lost some of its' charm, but I still read it. Maybe not as often though.

I tend to just ignore the advertising, I have no idea how much money they could possibly make, because I believe you have to click the ads for them to make money.

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