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It's Time to Do a Valentine Table

I need to come up with an idea for this year's table. I've been looking
at a few past tables to get ideas.
Right now I am leaning toward the black/white/red combo. It's more contemporary and I am on a clean lines kick lately.

I could use my big red goblets and a new red, black, white runner I have. I think I have a plan..............I will probably do the table this weekend.


Sarah said...

Definitely sounds like you have a plan. I look forward to seeing your red and black table.

Chandy said...

Zoey, hello again! I'm on the idea kickin' stage as well with my V-day tablescape. Loved getting inspired by your great ones!

Anonymous said...

Hello ! I'm a French tablescaping lady marrieed to an Englishman.I love browsing onto your blog and looking at your pretty tables !I've opened my own blog on january, 1st and enjoy it very much ! I set about 48 tables in the past year.ONly my recent tables can be seen on my blog but i plan to put them try to craft most of the things i display on my tables.This week, i'm setting a table around the theme of the Olympic games and winter sports.I've set two tables around valentines.Maybe we could exchange a few tablescaping ideas over the live near Paris.
All the best !

Alycia Nichols said...

Those red goblets are simply beautiful!!! And I really like those black octagonal bowls. Very unique!

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