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July 4th Tablescape

The entire table was inspired by these peonies that I wanted to bring inside because they were flopping.
I thought they would be perfect for a red, white and blue table. I used a red charger, a white dinner plate and a blue salad plate atop a blue & white checkered tablecloth. I bought some red wine glasses for a Christmas table and I was very happy that they also work great for this table. I rolled some linen napkins in a cigar shape and folded it in half to stand in the wine glass.

I had to rummage through the basement to find something blue to hold the flowers. When I came across this old coffee pot, I knew it would be perfect.

It just so happened that my favorite wine comes in the perfect shade of blue to match the table.
I used my Mikasa crystal wine set.
I bought this years ago and I always forget to use it. Luckily I saw it while rummaging through the dish cupboard to decide which dishes to use. It has the most beautiful crystal grapes on top of the stopper.

I brought out some red, white, and blue star candles and draped a white shawl over the chair and the table was done.

It seemed to be lacking a little something.

While outside I noticed some Sweet William blooming in a reddish color. I clipped 5 flower stalks and added them to the peony bouquet.
I think that was what I needed.
Behind the table I have some candle wall sconces.
I changed the candles to red, white and blue.

Now all I have to is cook dinner.
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