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Black, Silver and White Tablescape

I've had the dining room table sitting half finished for about five days. I was too busy sewing over the weekend to finish it. I am creating a table around one of the runners I recently finished.

In just a short time,

it went from this,


this. Each place setting is a black octagon dinner plate and a milk glass salad plate atop a silver charger.

I love how the star candle created this shadow. I have alternated white stars with silver rose candles (because I only had 2 star candles). I would have used all stars because they work so well with the 3 big star candles. I used quite a few big chunky white candles down the length of the runner.

A combination of white and black stemware was used.

I like to make sure all my guest are comfortable, so I used reclining dining chairs.

Just kidding! I tilted them back to get a better shot.

The napkin is a very formal crisply-ironed white linen with beautifully-detailed edges.

These candlesticks normally hold tapers, but today I wanted the chunky look.
An octagon coffee cup will hold the coffee or tea poured from these family silver pieces from the 1950's. I usually like to do fun contemporary-type tables, but this time I went more formal and traditional.

This is the first of my trio of new runner tablescapes.

I've made three table runners in the past couple of weeks. Here are the other two that I plan to use.

I bet the next two tables will look quite different than the traditional, calm, serene, one of today's post.

As always you are in for a treat discovering table artists at Susan's place.
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Red, Orange and Yellow makes a Bright Table for the Spring Season

div>I started this table with a wavy striped sun gold tablecloth. Those wavy stripes would give me a headache if I had to look at them for very long. Luckily the other elements will cover and break the waviness of the first layer. I needed something bright, but without a pattern so it would not detract from the pinwheel table runner accented with buttons that I made last week
Everything else on the table was selected from the table runner colors. It was quite easy for me to find items in those colors. I started with my red chargers.
I added golden yellow dinner plates.

I topped the dinner plates with orange flower-shaped salad plates.

I decided that gold-toned flatware and red goblets would look nice on this bright table.

I noticed that the dining room wall print has all of the same primary colors as the table. I did not even plan this table around the print. Sometimes it's effortless......

I had this yellow teapot filled with flowers sitting in a different room. I just moved it here and had a centerpiece with no work at all. I tossed the complementary chair covers on the chair backs and the basic elements were all set.

I decided that these big yellow plaid napkins (really dish towels that I bought years ago to use as napkins) would work well. I wasn't sure where to put them until I remembered that I had purchased some gold watering cans to use for this purpose at least year's end of summer sales. I was pretty surprised that I remembered where I had stored them!
I think they worked nicely. I added two cookies in the watering can for just a touch of sweetness to end the meal.

And there you have it...a quick colorful table to celebrate the season.

Doesn't the spinach salad look good on the orange plate?

I think I will get a lot of use from these plates.

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Vases can be such Fun

Every table needs a centerpiece and flowers often work well. I think the vase is a very important element of the table design. I have many, many vases and things that I love to use as vases. Here is a sampling:

I have dozens of old pottery vases. This one always adds a burst of color to the table.

Anything that holds water can be used as a vase. Like this old ceiling light bulb cover:

In fact it does not even have to hold water. If a glass will fit inside, just fill the glass with water. Like this birdhouse: Or this ceramic chicken:

Or this garage sale metal container:

This animal print "purse" was found in the Walmart markdown bin for only $2.00!

How about a veggie-decorated pitcher for a veggie bouquet?
Here it is again with pears and dahlias.

Here's a real pretty amythest vase that I love to use.

Here's a collector head vase that I also love:

Another garage sale purchase:

As you can see there is no shortage of vases at my house!

If you think you are a little short on vases, just think outside the box
and begin experimenting with anything that will hold water or a glass full of water. You may be amazed at what you find.

Red, Aqua, OLIVE and PINK--now that's a different combo!

But I really do like it.

I just picked up all the colors in this inspiration fabric, beginning with the brown charger.

I was looking for my light pink napkins when I came across this one. Hmmm, I think it will work fine.

The centerpiece is live flowers with a trio of green candles behind.

Did you notice the orbs I recently purchased? I inserted them right into the floral bouquet.

This was another fun table created around a piece of beautiful fabric.

Don't forget to check out all the other creative tabletops

at Susan's blog on Thursday. Have fun!

I am having quite a problem visiting sites this week. Music tends to kill my computer. If there is music and other moving gadgets on the same site, I am pretty much done for. This is what I get when I try to get to the page to visit everyone.

Does anyone else have such problems with music? I notice more and more people are using it, so I am guessing everyone else has newer computers and are not bothered by it.
An internet friend gave me a great idea to copy all the names and email them back to myself. That way I eliminate having to go back. Even if I don't get booted off, it takes a good 5 minutes for the page to load. If I can get there again, I will do that so I can get my tablescape fix for the day!

A Bowl of Oatmeal Became a Gourmet Breakfast

With major holidays I set at least two different holiday tables. I have a small round table that works nicely for breakfast.

Even though I only needed one bowl and a fruit cup for our breakfast of oatmeal, toast and fruit, I spent a few minutes to set a nice table.

I used a quilt I just finished for the tablecloth because it was in pink and purple.

Two wooden bunnies decorating their egg tree form the centerpiece with alphabet blocks spelling out a holiday greeting.

Note the framed quilt blocks behind the Easter bunny centerpiece. They are leftover from the quilt, so I could not ask for a more perfect match.

I filled pink-stemmed dessert dishes with fruit and tied some carrots around the stem. The carrots are the same as those the bunnies in the center of table are holding.

And so a bowl of oatmeal became a very enjoyable breakfast!

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